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Virginia Zoo

The Virginia Zoo is located in the city of Norfolk. Their mission is to help save and protect the wildlife of the world. They help wildlife conservation and animal welfare. They work to inspire the community with engaging, meaningful, and safe experiences. Animals from the plains of Africa to the jungles of Asia the zoo offers fun, education and excitement for everyone. Meet the tigers, wallabies, red pandas, giraffes, snakes and more. While at the zoo take a walk through the gardens with your family or friends.

While at the zoo there are so many animals to check out including the African lion, African pancake tortoise, Aldabra tortoise, cheetah, common ostrich, east African white and so many more from Africa. For a trip of the animals in Asia check out the Asian Fairy Bluebird, the Asian small-clawed otter, the Asiatic black bear, binturong, black-naped fruit dove, bleeding heart dove, chestnut breasted malkoha and more fun animals to check out. They also have a fun variety of Australian animals as well like Bennett's wallaby, emu, and the southern cassowary. There are also a number of North American Animals like the bison, black-tailed prairie dog, northern bald eagle, and more. Stop in and visit the Zoo.
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