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Alkaline is an Asian restaurant that makes ramen and modern Asian foods. They serve lunch, dinner as well as drinks. Take a look at our street food menu, which is non-traditional Asian inspired dishes. Try out the green bean salad that comes chilled, black vinegar and rayu, and red onions. The tatertop okonomiyaki is a dish with fried potatoes topped with bacon, katsuobushi, kewpie, and bbq sauce. All their entrees are served with white rice and veggies including their chicken katsu, grilled salmon, bbq pork belly and more.

If noodles are what you are here for, try out the tonkotsu ramen, shoyu ramen, kimchi ramen, spicy red curry ramen, and creamy vegetable paitan ramen. There are plenty of ramen extras that you can add to your bowl like braised prok belly, extra meat, extra vegetables, sous vide egg nitamgao (soy-marinated boiled egg), soy pickled shiitake mushrooms, sweet house pickles and more.

There are also plenty of drinks to enjoy enjoying nonalcoholic as well as some alcoholic options. Guests of Alkaline can enjoy a hot tea pot, white cream soda, melon cream soda, apple sidra, chilled oolond tea, chilled green tea, hey song saraparilla, strawberry ramune, orange ramune, plum soda, coca-cola fountains sodas. For those that want a little kick in their drinks like original cocktails, classic and contemporary drinks, Japanese whiskies, beer, bottles, wines, white and rose.

There's something for everyone.